Free US Emba 6!

Kilusang Mayo Uno condemns in the highest terms the illegal arrest of 6 protesters who joined the Labor Day march and program earlier today at Roxas Avenue, near the United States Embassy.

Today’s Labor Day celebration was against the United States’ plunder of our labor force and resources, and its active warmongering effort in the Asia-Pacific as part of Genocide Joe’s grand scheme of war profiteering and re-election.

The Manila Police District’s use of excessive force is an exposition of their true nature: servers of the rich and powerful, and protectors of the greedy. They exercise brutality as policy, and leave little to no space for maximum tolerance, particularly near the United States embassy.

We call for the immediate release of the US Emba 6, and a quick and impartial investigation into the MPD’s failure to observe maximum tolerance for our peaceful mobilization!



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