KMU calls for protection of workers amid CNN PH closure

The Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) expressed solidarity with the workers of CNN Philippines who are currently facing the loss of their livelihood due to the closure of their television station.

The management of CNN Philippines did not adequately explain or inform their workers about the issues related to the company’s closure.

Nine Media Corporation and CNN cited “significant financial losses” as the impetus for the shutdown of CNN Philippines, but the Kilusang Mayo Uno insists that regardless of the reason for closure, ensuring the well-being and livelihood of the workers should be the top priority.

It is the company’s duty not only to inform its workers about matters affecting their livelihood but also to provide alternatives for its workers to sustain their means of living.

The KMU urged all workers and people across the country to actively support the CNN workers in their next steps to assert their rights and welfare.



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