KMU comment on Senate passage of P100 wage hike bill, Congress inaction

The passage of the P100 minimum wage increase bill in the Senate moved forward quickly due to the workers’ continuous insistence and campaigns for wage increases. We reiterate, although this will still be insufficient for workers’ daily needs, it must be ensured that our fellow workers can enjoy it immediately.

Meanwhile, some lawmakers in the House of Representatives, sing to the tune of big capitalists in the ECOP and other employer’s groups. Quimbo and Salceda listen to millionaires and billionaires, while wage increase proposals languish in the halls of Congress.

What Congress is busy with right now is holding hearings about Charter Change. Their priority is opening the economy while ignoring the welfare of those who keep the economy alive.

Meanwhile, Marcos keeps his mouth shut while he advances the ChaCha ploy. Their actions serve a clear agenda – favoring big capitalists and foreign investors. We challenge you: if you have any respect left for your mandate to serve workers and the public: call a House Committee on Labor and Employment hearing on wages, give workers a platform to discuss, and pass a significant wage increase!



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