KMU holds National Council meeting in December

The Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) held its third National Council Meeting under its 12th Congress last December 17-18, 2023. Over 40 delegates from affiliate national federations, regional chapters, mass organizations, and other allied organizations gathered in the assembly.

The Council discussed the achievements of our formations’ political work from 2020-2023. Amid the challenges brought about by the pandemic and fascist attacks, KMU’s work to arouse, organize, and mobilize the workers to advance the struggles for a living wage, regular jobs, safety and welfare at work, and the right to unionize and organize.

The Council thoroughly assessed its strengths and weaknesses to serve as guide in formulating the program for union and political work for 2024 and toward the reinvigoration not just of KMU, but also of the entire trade union movement and the people’s movement for genuine social change.

Long live the KMU! Long live the working class! Long live genuine, militant and anti-imperialist unionism!

Sumulong, makibaka, magtagumpay!



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