“Not in our name!” – KMU

Patriotic trade union center Kilusang Mayo Uno launched a Red Friday Protest today at the US Embassy against the conduct of the ‘largest’ Balikatan war games which started on April 22 and is set to end on May 9.

KMU condemned the obvious war posturing of the United States amid heightening tensions in the West Philippine Sea. The group clarified that it condemned China for its use of “gray tactics” or unarmed yet aggressive actions against Filipino supply and research vessels, and the United States for maximizing these to escalate tensions and warmonger through heightened military intervention in the Asia-Pacific Region.

“Genocide Joe has already failed in Ukraine and in Gaza, and has exposed himself to the entire world as a harbinger of war and bloodshed. He now aims to do the same to the Philippines and project himself as a peacemaker, just in time for his attempt at re-election. Not in our name!” said Kilusang Mayo Uno Chairperson Elmer “Ka Bong” Labog.

The group also explained how the United States’ presence in the Philippines is an effort to preserve economic interests in the Philippines and the Asia-Pacific region as a whole.

“These efforts by the United States to further militarize the Philippines follow promises of foreign direct investments from the US-Japan-Philippines Trilateral Summit and Gina Raimondo’s state visit. The US’ militarization efforts are not just to profit off the selling of arms, but also to strengthen its grasp over the Filipino economy. As a result, more Filipino workers will be forcefully reduced to be providers of cheap labor, from whom the US intends to earn a hefty sum from” added KMU Chairperson Labog.

KMU also warned the Filipino people on how the Charter Change being railroaded is part and parcel of the US’ economic agenda in the Philippines. The group also condemned Marcos for actively selling out the Philippines, and putting the Filipino people in danger.  

“Bongbong Marcos is putting the Filipino people in the middle of a crossfire between the United States and China, and he is making sure that he lines his pockets with American dollars as he does so. The passage of Charter Change would allow the US to monopolize important resources and services which would validate their need to deploy more armed troops in the Philippines.” ended Chairperson Labog of KMU.

KMU called on all patriotic, democratic, and peace-loving Filipinos and international allies to protest against the United States’ economic, political, and military intervention in the Philippines, and join the Labor Day protest.