On UNSR Ian Fry’s recom to abolish the NTF ELCAC

We warmly welcome the recommendation of UN Special Rapporteur Dr Ian Fry on the abolition of the NTF ELCAC. This validates the long-time call of the people.

For years since its inception, the anti-worker and anti-people task force has only caused harm and suffering among workers and unionists, farmers, indigenous peoples, church people, lawyers, women and the youth.

With the task force in full function, the number of labor-related extrajudicial killings have risen to 72, with our fellow Jude Fernandez being the latest case. Our colleague Loi Magbanua still has not been surfaced after abduction by state forces. Harassment of our Cebu leader Jaime Paglinawan and Davao leader PJ Dizon persists up to this day.

We also welcome the recommendation to repeal the Anti-Terrorism Law which legitimizes and puts into policy these horrors against the people.

It is high time to end this scourge once and for all and relegate it to the dustbin of its dark history. The hefty budget allotted for its operations must be rechanneled to social services for the benefit of the Filipinos. Duterte and Marcos, as former and current Chairs of this task force must be held accountable in all available venues including the International Criminal Court.

There is no place in a democracy for a red-tagging task force that, as Dr Fry puts it, is acting with impunity. Abolish the NTF ELCAC!



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