Progress in wage increase bills a fruit of workers’ struggles

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The progress in the Senate on legislative bills for a P100 wage increase is good news for the workers. We, the workers, recognize this as the parliament’s response in the ceaseless protests and struggle for a significant wage increase and family living wage.

The SB 2534 hurdling the Committee on Labor Employment is a positive step for the committee in doing its obligation to address the workers’ demands. We similarly call on the Lower House to conduct hearings on counterpart bills in the Congress. We say: your time will be more worthwhile if you spend it raising the wages instead of bickering and pushing for Charter Change.

Although the proposed P100 wage increase is a positive step, this falls direly short compared to the P1200 family living wage levels.

If Congress was pushed into action by our legitimate demand and vibrant protest for family living wage and National Minimum Wage, we can be sure that if we continue to intensify our fight in different avenues, we can achieve much more than a P100.



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