Stand with Palestine!

The Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU, May First Movement Labor Center) stands in solidarity with the people of Palestine in their valiant resistance against their oppressors.

We support the Palestinian resistance against decades of genocidal war and occupation. We recognize that this resistance is a result of the systemic oppression and injustice against the Palestinian people. It is a result of displacement from their land and the denial of their return marked by indiscriminate bombings, killings, rape, blockade, torture and every human rights violation imaginable. The Zionist occupiers committed horrendous crimes against the women, men and children of Palestine.

We condemn the Zionist Israeli occupiers and the Israeli Defense Force for bombing a functional hospital in Gaza that killed hundreds of people, another addition to the long list of atrocities and gross violations of Israel.

We condemn the US imperialist military aid, as well as all Global North governments and world leaders, that continue to enable and support the vicious and brutal crimes committed by the imperialist-manufactured “State” of Israel.

To the Palestinian people in Gaza, in the West Bank and all over the world – we are with you. We share your aspirations for independence and self-determination. We stand with you in grief and above all, we stand with you in defiance.

Long live the solidarity of oppressed peoples! Free Palestine! From Palestine to the Philippines, end the US War Machine!



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