Support SkyCable workers against illegal layoffs!

The Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) stands in solidarity with the just struggle of SkyCable workers against the illegal terminations and violations of the Collective Bargaining Agreement during the telco giant PLDT’s acquisition of SkyCable. We dare say: this is a direct attack on union rights and workers’ job security.

In late January, the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) and the National Telecommunications Commission approved the final requirements for PLDT to fully acquire SkyCable.

In the progress of this acquisition, the SkyCable management carried out a surprise and massive layoff of nearly 80 employees (including 8 supervisors and 4 officials of the SkyCable Supervisors Union or SSPTEU). According to the union, there was no consultation before the layoffs occurred. Effective February, these workers will be left without livelihood.

All workers in the Philippines and around the globe should support their legitimate fight for job security. We will not tire of repeating: Workers should not be discarded when employers think they are no longer useful. Workers have the right to decent, regular, and stable employment.

Fight the layoffs! Defend the CBA!

PLDT-SkyCable, ensure job security for workers! Absorb the workers! Provide them jobs!