Unite with the workers of Nexperia Philippines


On September 22, 2023, the management of Nexperia announced that eight (8) workers, including three (3) union officials, working at the Sensors Department, which faces an impending closure, will be dismissed through mandatory separation.

Last February, Nexperia announced the gradual closure of its Sensors Department due to the transfer of production to another site of NXP abroad. In 2016, NXP sold part of its assets to Nexperia in a planned pullout from the Philippines. Up to 495 workers were affected by the announced closure. Though contractual workers who were slated for regularization were removed by the capitalist Nexperia, with some deciding to enter into a voluntary separation program, the union continues to call for the absorption of affected workers into the remaining Power Department of Nexperia Philippines.

The management is currently implementing the dismissal of eight workers while putting out a statement that there is “internal hiring”. What this means is that there are still work vacancies that can still be filled. What is the management’s supposed basis for retrenchment? Attendance and disciplinary actions.

It seems as though management has forgotten that if retrenchments are to take place, they are to respect and carry out the terms of the collective bargaining agreement (CBA). Three of the eight workers that are to be dismissed are tenured workers and union officials. To force its twisted basis of attendance for dismissal, management refused to acknowledge that one of the workers to be removed got sick with a doctor’s certified advice to rest (ATR). Management also failed to check for vacation leaves, 3 days notice, and designated reliever of the worker in question, as well as other provisions for leave in the CBA. They are forcing the worker out of their status of good standing to justify dismissing them.

All workers need their jobs and their unions in the middle of this economic crisis. We cannot accept the management’s schemes to break our unity and weaken the union in Nexperia Philippines.

The income of the capitalists of Nexperia continues to grow. Through their schemes to scrimp and gather more profits, Nexperia Philippines was able to deliver 1 billion products within six (6) months this year. They also moved workplaces to maintain low wages, removed senior workers to escape the responsibility of providing the necessary benefits, and weakened and attacked the union as we near the upcoming CBA renewal period next year.

We workers should see clearly how the management is taking steps to enrich itself while starving and depriving us of secure jobs. They are twisting the law and our CBA while maneuvering from the issue at hand. But we know the truth: Nexperia is hungry for profit!

As fellow workers, we must unite with those under attack! It falls on us to defend the Nexperia Philippines Inc. Workers Union and its victories for better wages, jobs, and rights! Our long history has proven that through unity, we can surpass and defeat any attempt to break and weaken us!

Let’s stand up for what is just! Prepare and grow strong to act and fight!

Fight retrenchment! Resist and frustrate the attack on the union! True strength lies with us!